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Nigerian state says rapists will face surgical castration; death penalty if victims are under 14

The governor of a state in Nigeria has enacted a new law that imposes surgical castration on convicted rapists and the death penalty on those whose victims are under age 14. This news has polarized the digirati drawing praise from some, and accusations of “legislative sadism” from others. Men convicted of raping children under age 14 will have their testicles surgically removed before being executed, under legislation that the governor of Kaduna state signed on Wednesday. Women will have their fallopian tubes cut out. Many Nigerians clamoring for action in the face of a countrywide rape crisis have greeted the new law enthusiastically, but critics say it is a populist move incompatible with the country’s Constitution.   Malam Nasir @elrufai has signed the Kaduna State Penal Code (Amendment) Law 2020 which provides stiff penalties upon conviction for the rape of a child, including surgical castration for male convicts and bilateral salpingectomy for female convicts

Creepy or Sweet? Man installs late wife's silicone statue in his new home

Guests walking into Shrinivas Gupta's newly constructed home were in for a shock: Seated at the couch, was Gupta's deceased wife, Madhavi who sat smiling, in a pink silk saree. Some visitors could be forgiven for thinking that they saw Madhavi's ghost since she had died three years ago in a fatal car crash. This was Madhavi's dream home and her family couldn't think of moving in without her. The answer was a silicone statue so lifelike that the guests were speechless when they walked into the industrialist's new house in Koppala district. Gupta commissioned an artist, Shreedhar Murthy from Bengaluru who took a year to make Silicone statue of Madhavi. "Our architect suggested I get a silicone statue instead of a wax statue as we live in Koppal , which is a hot place, and an AC can't be used all the time to maintain correct temperature for wax," Mr Gupta was quoted saying.  #Karnataka : Industrialist Shrinivas Gupta, celebrated house warming functi