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World's largest single-day jump in coronavirus cases recorded in India

India recorded its highest single-day total of new coronavirus cases Sunday with 78,761 new cases. The new total gives the country more than 3.5 million new cases. India, which has reported more than 75,000 new infectious four days in a row, has the fastest-growing daily caseload of any country, according to The Associated Preess . The surge raised India’s tally to over 3.5 million, and came as the government announced the reopening of the subway in New Delhi, the capital. It also will move ahead with limited sports and religious events next month. A country of 1.4 billion people, India now has the fastest-growing daily coronavirus caseload of any country in the world, reporting more than 75,000 new cases for four straight days. In the meantime, however, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pushed for normal life to resume in the nation. India’s central government announced the New Delhi subway will begin the reopening process Sept. 7, although schools, universities and movie theaters will

11-year-old boy kidnapped for ₹2 crore ransom rescued by Bengaluru police

This is a story that resembles a bollywood thriller: son of a businessman is kidnapped for ransom and parents involve the police. After a thrilling chase, the bad guys are caught and the kid rescued! In an operation that involved a car chase, the East division of Bangalore police rescued an 11-year-old boy from kidnappers within 16 hours of the incident. After a dramatic chase, they arrested six men involved in the ransom kidnapping.  The mastermind turned out to be a customer of the boy’s father. Deputy Commissioner of Police (East division) S.D. Sharanappa said that the prime accused, Mohammed Zain, is a resident of Shivajinagar. He was a regular visitor at a readymade garment showroom in Bharatinagar, which is owned by the victim’s father. He added, “Based on what he saw, Zain concluded that it was a successful business, and decided to kidnap the owner’s youngest son for ransom” Zain hatched a plan to kidnap the boy and roped in his friends, Faheem, Muzzamil, Faizan, Mohammed Shahid

Reporter to Trump: Do you regret all the lying you've done to the American people?

White House correspondent at HuffPost, S.V. Dáte had his 15-minutes of fame when he managed to ask President Trump during a meet-the press session  "Do you regret all the lying you've done to the American people?" He tweeted    For five years I've been wanting to ask him that. — S.V. Dáte (@svdate) August 13, 2020   Dáte had waited five long years to ask Donald Trump this one question: “Mr President, after three and a half years [of Trump’s presidency], do you regret at all, all the lying you’ve done to the American people?” Dáte, was quoted by  the Guardian :  I don't know why he called on me, because I've tried to ask him before [in March] and he's cut me off mid-question. Maybe he didn't recognise me this time. You know, he has this group of folks that he normally asks questions of. […] I had always thought that if he ever did call on me, this is the one thing that is really central to his presidency.

This could have been a Karen story: Woman hits American Airlines employee after being told to wear a mask in Phoenix

A recent news story highlighted how passengers clapped as an ‘Airline Karen’ was kicked off flight for refusing to wear face mask Now comes news that another woman was caught on camera becoming irate at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Wednesday after she refused to wear a mask while on a flight. According to American Airlines, 47-year-old Yolanda Yarbrough was on Flight 2027 from Los Angeles to Phoenix, but she wouldn't wear a mask while in the air, which is a mandatory policy for the airliner. After landing in Phoenix, an Airline employee told her that she couldn't get onto her connecting flight to Las Vegas because she wouldn't wear a mask.  Police said Yarbrough got furious and struck the employee in the face with her hand. The worker was not hurt. Officers arrived and arrested Yarbrough, who was then booked into jail on an assault charge. Yarbrough was banned from flying on American "pending further investigation," the  American Airlines said. Ot

Is it time to cut some slack to the millions of Karens out there?

The recent COVID headlines have brought a slew of Karen stories and memes like this recent one  Video of ‘Costco Karen’ Goes Viral after she throws a temper Tantrum when asked to Wear Face Mask    A recent New York Times feature, "A Brief History of ‘Karen’  examines the recent phinomina of a moniker that has morphed into a symbol of racism and white privilege. The features explains that in 1965, it was the third-most-popular baby name in the United States. In 2018, it was the 635th — and today it’s even less popular. How did Karens fall so far? The NYT writer muses  Karen” now roams restaurants and stores, often without a mask during this coronavirus era, spewing venom and calling the authorities to tattle, usually on people of color and often putting them in dangerous situations. And while this archetype had previously been called “Permit Patty” or “BBQ Becky,” “Karen” has stuck.   In another NYT feature, Philip Galanes muses "I try not to be “a Karen,” but I think this jok