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Woman traveling to preside at International Women's Day gala arrested after caught smoking in Bengaluru-bound flight

A 24-year-old woman was arrested for smoking in the lavatory of a Bengaluru-bound flight.  Priyanka Chakraborty of Sealdah, West Bengal, was traveling to Bengaluru to preside over an International Women's Day celebration. She was caught smoking inside the lavatory of IndiGo flight number 6E 716 late on Sunday night. The plane took off from Kolkata at 9.50 pm and landed in Bengaluru more than three hours later.  The flight crew suspected that Priyanka was smoking in the lavatory, and made her open the door. The cigarette was found in the dustbin.   'Unruly passenger' The crew poured water into the dustbin, and the flight captain declared Priyanka an 'unruly passenger.'  Image generated using DALL·E Co-passengers were aghast to learn the unruly lady was traveling to preside over an International Women's Day celebration. “More power to women,” quipped a fellow passenger, drawing chuckles during the serious standoff.   Priyanka over to airport security by th