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Indian Supreme Court asks man accused of raping girl: “Are you willing to marry her?"

During a hearing that has shocked many, the Indian Supreme Court bench asked a rape accused “Are you willing to marry her (the victim)?” The man refused saying he was already married. A bench headed by Chief Justice S A Bobde was hearing a plea filed by the accused, Mohit Subhash Chavan, a technician in Maharashtra State Electricity Production Company. “You should have thought before seducing and raping the young girl. You are a government servant. We are not forcing you to marry. Let us know if you will, otherwise you will say we are forcing you to marry her,” the Chief Justice said.   “I had initially asked for marriage... Right now, I cannot marry her... I am married,” Chavan's lawyer reported back his client's statement to the court.  Chavan was accused of raping a minor girl in 2014-15. He was allegedly 17-years-old at the time. The victim, who was a distant relative of his was in the ninth grade when she was repeatedly molested by Chavan.   The accused had moved the apex