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Checklist: What to do after death of a Parent or loved one?

With a death in the family, survivors may have to come to grips with the stark reality: how to move forward after the death. While the grieving process can take time, one also must address several documentation, paperwork and other formalities. Here are a few things that you will have to follow up on: To Do Immediately After Someone Dies Inform loved ones, family and friends Arrange for a funeral - depending on your custom and current regulations and wishes of the deceased, you will have to plan for the final rites Plan for after death ceremonies - this will depend on your customs (e.g  After death ceremonies – Brahmin Iyer ) Apply for a  death certificate . This is the most important legal step and may be a two-step process The hospital, crematorium or burial ground officials may issue a letter/document with the name of deceased and cause of death.  The letter/document needs to be submitted to the local municipal/corporation office that will ‘record’ the death and issue an ‘official’

India surpasses US to report world's largest single-day tally of covid cases

This is one tally that Indians are surely not proud of, especially not being in the top of THE list - India is now on top of the global tally, surpassing rest of the world to end up with the most number of COVID-19 cases with nearly 22,91,428 active cases,   By the numbers According to WHO , there have been 142,557,268 confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally, including 3,037,398 deaths.  Globally, a total of 889,827,023 vaccine doses have been administered.  India now has 2,291,428 active cases with the total number cases recorded at over 15.93 million. In past 24 hours, more than 2.2 million vaccines were administered in India, taking the overall doses to 132 million  For the past few weeks, the number of cases India have been skyrocketing, setting new records almost every day. The Indian health ministry said on Thursday that India recorded 312,731 new infections in a 24-hour period, marking a new milestone in the coronavirus pandemic.  It is the highest daily case count in a single c

How to enforce social distancing at an event with three-hundred thousand visitors a day? AI-equipped cameras to zoom in on those without masks at Kumbh Mela

The Kumbh Mela at Haridwar is a mela (religious festival) held every 12 years at Haridwar, India. The Kumbh mela sees a daily average of over three hundred thousand devotees at the various ghats (river banks) in Haridwar, but that number is expected to swell during the shahi snans on April 12, 14 and 27. This year, officials are especially concerned about the impact of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. They are exploring hi-tech options to monitor the teeming masses including Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled cameras.     Officials said over 350 CCTV cameras have been installed at different locations in the mela area, with about 100 of these equipped with sensors that generate an alert when the camera captures the image of a person without a mask. These AI-equipped cameras also generate an alert when sites identified as vulnerable for stampede at Har-ki-Pauri, Subhash ghat, Brahmakund, Malviya Dweep and other areas that see a higher crowd density. The cameras are also being used to keep a

Bengaluru healthcare workers getting infected by Covid-19 despite second dose of vaccine

Most people think Covid-19 vaccines are a silver bullet against the novel coronavirus. Not so, say hospitals, where healthcare workers and other personnel have been contracting Covid-19 after receiving the second dose. This was the case at the Bengaluru Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) which has found over a dozen positive cases among MBBS students on the campus despite being inoculated with the second dose, according to Dr Smitha Segu, nodal officer. “None of the index cases had a travel history. They were tested after they developed symptoms. Subsequent testing of other students at the BMCRI hostel found 13 positive cases. Some of the students had recently been vaccinated,” she said, adding that all positive students are currently under isolation in separate hostel rooms. Another official said cases have been found in other medical colleges. “Some colleges have reported between 10 and 12 cases,” the source said, cautioning that the infection was spreading from medical s