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Amazon Great Republic Day Sale 2023 Offers

  Check out all the Amazon Great Republic Day Sale offers from this upcoming Amazon Sale. Get to know Sale Dates, Bank offers, Exclusive Deals, and much more. The 1st Amazon Sale of 2023 is here in the Amazon Great Republic Day Sale. It promises big savings for everyone. There are bank offers, Prime-exclusive deals, Amazon Pay cashback offers, Amazon Quiz rewards, and much more to look forward to in this sale. Also, check out Amazon Pay Rewards section in your Amazon App for user-specific rewards for this sale. There is also a  10% additional cashback up to ₹250 offer (user-specific) available for your first purchase in this Amazon Sale . This is available in the form of an Amazon Coupon so you might need to collect it beforehand to successfully claim this offer. Before moving on, here are the Best  Amazon Great Republic Day Sale Offers  worth a look. The Amazon Great Republic Day Sale 2023 also offers up to a 50% discount on  Amazon Fresh  (grocery) with free delivery for Prime member

Going abroad – Surely not a goal to die for?

The other day, I came across the story of a 21-year-old boy, Sanjay, who had hanged himself from the ceiling fan in his room after his Australian student visa application was rejected. This story highlights the deep-rooted aspiration among a segment of middle class that wants to leave Indian shores. And sometimes the price to pay for it is simply too high.  Many Indian youth feel that going abroad is a way to escape the intense competition for jobs and career opportunities in India. The sheer number of youngsters graduating from high-schools aspiring for a limited number of seats in the professional educational institutions filters out a large percentage of students. The reservation policies adopted and enhanced by successive governments at central and state levels further exacerbate this sense of anguish when youth from “general merit” category is planning for their future. It starts with reservation for college and professional courses and continues through filtering for career o

President Murmu as a role model - Don’t let your personal tragedy define you

The office of the President of India has been graced by people with unique backgrounds, many of whom overcame seemingly unsurmountable odds. A generation of Indian youth were enamored by the technocrat turned president, APJ Abdul Kalam who rose from a rather humble background. The story of President Draupadi Murmu is no less inspiring. Earlier this year, Indians were in awe when we heard news of a Dalit woman from the tribal hinterland was to be elected as the President. Ms. Murmu hadn’t been active in national politics and like many in India, I was intrigued to know more about the leader from Odisha who was to become the president of the largest democracy in the world. I was fascinated as I began reading up on President Murmu and her background. She is a woman from a highly oppressed and backward ‘Dalit’ community from a tribal belt. Many of us in urban India accustomed to a cosmopolitan way of life, cannot comprehend the parochial, cast-based oppression that continues to permea