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The Mindtree co-founders who donated Rs 425 Crore to IISC’s Hospital Project

 The announcement of philanthropic donation of Rs. 425 crore ($56 million) by Indian entrepreneurs generated a lot of buzz in the media. The co-founders of Indian software services company Mindtree Ltd, Subrato Bagchi and N.S. Parthasarthy announced they were sponsoring the construction of a multi-specialty hospital and postgraduate Medical College at the prestigious Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc). Many entrepreneurs and business leaders have contributed some of their wealth to charitable or causes close to their heart but this announcement was remarkable for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the size of the donation Rs. 425 crore (about $56 million) is rather large by Indian standards. The other reason it was buzzworthy was that the donation is being made during the entrepreneur’s lifetime. Mindtree_Ltd  Co-founders #SubratoBagchi #NSParthasarthy family take selfie after donating Rs.425 Cr to the @iiscbangalore to bulid Bagchi- Parthasarthy multi-speciality hospital alongside PG #M