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Need an incentive to get Vaccinated against COVID-19? How about ₹ 5,000 from Government of India?

A campaign launched by the Government of India is asking Indians to " Share Vaccination Photos of Anyone in your Family including yourself along with a Tagline to Get Rewarded "  According to the campaign posted on ,  With the vaccination of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1st March 2021, millions of eligible citizens have been energized and have come forward to register for vaccination. If you/a family member have also got vaccinated, share a picture of the vaccination with us along with a good tagline on the importance of getting vaccinated & inspire the world! 10 best entries will be awarded with Rs. 5000 every month. Note: A. Share a picture of vaccination along with a good tagline B. While vaccination, COVID appropriate protocol of wearing a mask should be followed Details of the campaign were also tweeted recently from @mygovindia· Recently took the #COVIDVaccine ? Here's your chance to inspire millions to get #vaccinated too! Share y

U.S Customs tells Indians : Stop carrying Bullshit. Cow dung from India is prohibited in luggage

Cows are no strangers to praise and controversy in India. Hindus consider the animal sacred and many consider cow urine (Gomutra) and poop (cow dung) sacred and containing medicinal properties.   This may sound funny to some, but Indians seem to be carrying cow dung (dried cake) in their baggage while traveling to the US, prompting the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to issue a press release ( Dulles CBP Agriculture Specialists Find Cake Surprise in Leftover Baggage ). According to the release U.S. Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists discovered cow dung cakes while examining leftover baggage recently at Washington Dulles International Airport.  That is not a typo. CBP agriculture specialists found two cow dung cakes in a suitcase that was left behind after passengers from an Air India flight cleared CBP’s inspection station on April 4. According to US CBP,  "Cow dung is reported to be a vital energy and cooking source in some parts of the world. Cow d

COVID-19 in India: fact-check, and looking beyond headlines

Here is a look beyond a topics making headlines and a few facts.  Headline : "India is struggling to vaccinate its people against COVID-19"  India is indeed struggling to vaccinating a nation of 1.3 billion... but think of the scale and success thus far As of mid-May 2021, India has already vaccinated 16 crore (160 million) people till date. Let this number sink in for a moment.. That's entire population of Russia and half the population of USA,  2.5 times of UK.  7 times Australia and 34 times New Zealand. Headline :  Bodies are seen floating in Ganga, Yamuna Ganga and Yamuna have historically been among the most polluted rivers in the world. Manmade pollution includes bodies and human remains from scores of burning ghats along the river banks.   As per this article  "Old Photos of Dead Bodies Floating in Ganga Passed Off as Recent" The most polluted river Yamuna | My India 2014 A River about to Die - Yamuna River Project - 2014 Unnao dead bodies row 2015 - Wik