Need an incentive to get Vaccinated against COVID-19? How about ₹ 5,000 from Government of India?

A campaign launched by the Government of India is asking Indians to "Share Vaccination Photos of Anyone in your Family including yourself along with a Tagline to Get Rewarded

According to the campaign posted on
With the vaccination of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1st March 2021, millions of eligible citizens have been energized and have come forward to register for vaccination.

If you/a family member have also got vaccinated, share a picture of the vaccination with us along with a good tagline on the importance of getting vaccinated & inspire the world!

10 best entries will be awarded with Rs. 5000 every month.
A. Share a picture of vaccination along with a good tagline
B. While vaccination, COVID appropriate protocol of wearing a mask should be followed

Details of the campaign were also tweeted recently from @mygovindia·

The Indian campaign runs till  31st December 2021 

Government of India is taking a leaf out of the playbook followed by many states in America that are offering millions of dollars in creative Covid vaccine lottery campaigns


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