This could have been a Karen story: Woman hits American Airlines employee after being told to wear a mask in Phoenix

A recent news story highlighted how passengers clapped as an ‘Airline Karen’ was kicked off flight for refusing to wear face mask

Now comes news that another woman was caught on camera becoming irate at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Wednesday after she refused to wear a mask while on a flight.

According to American Airlines, 47-year-old Yolanda Yarbrough was on Flight 2027 from Los Angeles to Phoenix, but she wouldn't wear a mask while in the air, which is a mandatory policy for the airliner. After landing in Phoenix, an Airline employee told her that she couldn't get onto her connecting flight to Las Vegas because she wouldn't wear a mask. 

Police said Yarbrough got furious and struck the employee in the face with her hand. The worker was not hurt. Officers arrived and arrested Yarbrough, who was then booked into jail on an assault charge.

Yarbrough was banned from flying on American "pending further investigation," the  American Airlines said.

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