An IT Workers' Union: Outlandish Or A Sign Of The Times?

Forum For IT Employees (FITE) continues to get a lot of media attention

An IT Workers’ Union: Outlandish Or A Sign Of The Times? Bloomberg wonders, adding
"India’s software services industry faces a twin challenge: U.S. President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies and automation. And as companies lay off staff, a group of employees is now trying to form an IT workers’ union.
There’s been a growing sense of insecurity among the IT professionals over the last few years, said Elavarasan Raja, a 27-year-old IT worker from Pune. That’s led the group to try and form a union to better protect employees’ welfare, said Raja who is part of the group.
Called the Forum For IT Employees, the group now has around 3,000 members and chapters in nine cities, including its headquarters in Chennai, and in prominent IT hubs like Bengaluru and Pune, according to Raja.
The group, in a recent press release, alleged that Cognizant Technology Solutions was illegally terminating thousands of employees by forcing them to submit their resignations"

Another article in Indian Express "Rattled techies turn to Labour department for help" says

Though the Labour department has been receiving individual complaints on illegal lay-offs for several years, it is only now that the disgruntled employees are approaching the government officials in groups backed by IT  employee associations. 
IT employees are slowly coming out in bringing their dissent to labour authorities through section 2A of Industrial Disputes Act (IDA), which assures employees of an industrial dispute when an employer retrenches an employee. Officials on the other hand feel IT lay-offs are being blown out of proportion now. 


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