Will the Indian layoffs affect SAP consultants?

As we know that there are few IT giants, who are asking their employees to leave organization in good terms. So, my query is, will it affect SAP SD Consultants (SAP Core Module Consultants)?
My Experience in SAP SD is 2 to 3 Years.
Please Explain!!!

Let us start by understanding the context of ‘layoffs’ Check out My2cents on that topic “What is the reason behind the layoffs in IT firms in India? Is it related to the H-1B visa, or some other reason?”) Let us look at the question from a couple of angles
  • Are SAP SD skills marketable? The skills certainly seem marketable. There are a few hundred jobs posted on LinkedIn (India), many posted by Infosys, Wipro, HCL etc.
  • Will a company retain SAP SD consultant on long-term bench ? Let us assume you work for a services firm (“IT Giant”) that just lost a large account where dozens of SAP SD Consultants worked in a support role. After waiting for a while, they may decide to layoff *all* the folks on bench for more than 2-months. Is it because SAP consultants are not valued? No. it is probably because they are unable to ‘utilize’ them.
Going back to my Linkedin search, there are twice as many SAP HANA jobs as there are SAP SD.
The implication is obvious, reskill yourself and upgrade your skills while you can!


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