Reskill Yourself, Hiring Specialist's Message To Mid-Level Indian Techies

There is a is a recent article from NDTV  titled "Reskill Yourself, Hiring Specialist's Message To Mid-Level Indian Techies"

The advice seems logical, and timely. As a matter of fact, most 'management gurus' and IT leaders are are parroting  the Reskill Reskill Reskill  mantra

However, What to reskill on and How to go about it is unclear, perhaps even to the 'Gurus'

Read rest of the article:

Mid-level positions in India's IT sector are most at risk as the industry grapples with changes in the technological landscape and stringent visa regimes in many overseas markets, according to a top executive of staffing firm TeamLease. There have also been reports of layoffs by many IT companies, even though the industry has denied the allegations. "The nearly 1.4 million mid-rung employees, who typically have 8-12 years of experience, are now at the centre of reskill and restructuring conversations happening across the sector," says Alka Dhingra, Assistant General Manager, IT vertical, TeamLease Services.

"Mid-level people...people managers not very strong technically are becoming redundant until they reskill themselves. They need to upskill themselves in digital technologies," she adds.

Many companies, says Ms Dhingra, are focussing now on "hiring freshers and providing them training on latest skills and make them ready to deploy on projects as these people are more adaptable and tech savvy".

Many IT professionals are looking for job changes "because of fear of layoffs and no/less increment in current company". On the other hand, "not many companies are hiring and those who are hiring have niche requirements and looking only for top (technical wise) level talent", the TeamLease executive adds.

Outlook For IT Sector

Despite the headwinds the Indian IT faces currently, TeamLease has a positive long-term outlook for the sector. "In the long term, the outlook is positive in IT. Some old jobs will fade and get redundant and there will be new roles that are being created," Ms Dhingra says.

IT professionals, she says, need to prepare themselves for these new jobs. "While many jobs are taken away still a significant number of jobs will remain and many will be created."

TeamLease projects the IT employment to rise from the current level of around 3.5 million to 6 million in 10 years.

GST Boost

TeamLease said it has seen an increase in IT hiring due to work related to GST (Goods and Services Tax). "Every big or small organisation would need skilled manpower to keep their operations GST compliant. With implementation of GST, companies are looking for IT professionals to ensure smooth transformation and people with strong data analysis experience," she says.


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