What demonetization? Here are 10 things that you can still buy with ₹ 10 in 2017

A year after the Indian government's demonetization move, political and business leaders continue to debate its merits and benefits.  However, for the common man (and women), and middle-class, life still goes on with tens of rupees at a time.

At the current rate of exchange (1 $ = Rs 65) a tenner is a little over a dime (about 15 cents!), not something worth raising an eyebrow over. Before you scoff, huh, just ₹ 10 ... here are a few practical things you can get with a tenner.

#1 Nice hot Chilli-Bajji, wrapped in newspaper from a roadside vendor: Just what you need on a winter evening?

#2 Forget Ola or Uber, why not go greener and take a bus? A BMTC bus ticket for a 4 kilometer ride costs just ₹ 10 in 2017

#3 Live in a smog-hit metro ? (No, it is not just Delhi!) . You will need a disposable surgical mask ... get yours for about ₹ 10.

#4 A morning cuppa at a local tea-stall or coffee-bar, generally under 10 Rupees !

#5 And if you prefer to have the coffee at home

#6 : A quick breakfast bun? Get two at a local bakery for ₹ 10

#7: Some butter to go with your Naan or morning Bun? Utterly Butterly Delicious pack at under a tenner

#8: Want a healthier breakfast? You might want a packet of cereal for 10 rupees

#9: Going out with a little one that might get cranky ? Pack a packet of biscuit or cookie for a tenner.

#10: Quench your thirst while on the road. Half liter bottle for ₹ 10

This is an indicative list of 10 items one can buy for ₹ 10 in India in 2017... Feel free to message back with your favorite items or services. 


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