Indian software giant Tech Mahindra fires diversity officer ‘who mocked gay people'

Last week, Gaurav Probir Pramanik,  (twitter: @gauravpramanik ‏)  who has faced bullying since childhood because of his sexual orientation, took to Twitter on Tuesday to talk about how he was mocked even at the workplace, while for Tech Mahindra in 2015.

Gaurav had tweeted,

Acting on a public outburst of harassment faced by a former Tech Mahindra confirmed that it sacked its training lead Richa Gautam.
Reacting to the quick action by the company, Gaurav Probir Pramanik replied:

“I stand vindicated. Thank you to all those who’ve been steadfastly supporting me. I have nothing but appreciation for all your support and words of encouragement.”

Last week, Tech Mahindra had said it would conduct a thorough probe after a former employee, just days after the Supreme Court decriminalizing homosexuality, alleged harassment and discrimination by his then team manager in 2015. 


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