Zoom meetings and Work From Home - Recent oops moments

White collar employees around the world are suddenly coming to realize that the 'new normal' of continually working from home introduces new stressors. Many are finding ways to cope with it while some are succumbing to the pressures. We have all heard funny background noises in web-meetings, but here are a few incidents that go beyond the ‘new normal’ of interrupted video conferences.

California official resigns after throwing cat, drinking beer during Zoom meeting

During a meeting of the Vallejo, California planning commission, an official lost his cool. The Video of that conference, which was made public, shows Planning commissioner Chris Platzer announcing, “I’d like to introduce my cat,” after it made some noise in the background. He then picks up his pet, shows it to the camera, and tosses it off screen. Commissioner Chris Platzer resigned on Saturday due to his behavior during a Zoom conference on April 20.

The Vallejo Times-Herald reported that Platzer could also be heard making derogatory remarks and was seen sipping from a beer bottle.

This Woman Accidentally Turned Herself into A Potato For A Video Meeting And Couldn't Figure Out How To Fix It

Lizet Ocampo, a political director at People for the American Way, joined a videoconference on Monday morning. On turning on the camera, she noticed she looked like a 'potato'

A buzzfeed article reported how she realized it was because she had downloaded filters, but she also absolutely could not figure out how to change it back. Meanwhile, her colleagues were enjoying a good laugh. "I just kind of gave up and stayed as a potato for the rest of the call."

A laptop on a desk in Nashville shows people gathering online for a virtual happy hour on March 16. (Jamie Lee Finch via AP)

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