Girl secretly records videos of other girls to impress boyfriend before being arrested

A staff nurse at a private hospital in Bangalore in India was caught red-handed by security officials while recording a video of a woman in the washroom. 

Investigation revealed this to be a case of voyeurism. The police subsequently arrested Ashwini who revealed she was recording other women to get her kinky boyfriend to marry her. Preliminary investigations revealed that Ashwini’s phone contained several videos of her colleagues in the hostel in compromising situations, which she shared with her boyfriend.  

Both Aswini and her boyfriend, Prabhu are in police custody. Initial probe revealed that Ashwini’s phone contained nude videos of other hostel residents and colleagues, which she had shared with Prabhu. The nurse claimed she had no idea what he was doing with them. 

Prabhu and Ashwini fell in love after Prabhu dialed a wrong number and ended up speaking to Ashwini. Their chat turned to a deeper friendship. 

Prabhu had agreed to marry Ashwini but he began to avoid her after getting to know that Ashwini was a divorcee. In desperation Ashwini told Prabhu she was willing to do whatever he wanted. Prabhu asked Ashwini to record a video of her colleague bathing and send it to him. After she agreed, Prabhu's demands began to increase and Ashwini began recording other women in compromising positions. 

“It was a serious situation. We had to act fast and find out if the videos were uploaded on social media platforms or were recorded to blackmail the women who had no idea they had been filmed,” said the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Whitefield) D Devaraj. Ashwini, a divorcee  wanted to marry Prabhu and recorded the videos on his demand to impress him,” Devaraj added. 

Whitefield, Bangalore (Dec 21, 2020)


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