Doctor sells newborn as couple fails to pay hospital bills in Punjab, Pakistan

LAHORE: In a shocking incident, a doctor sold a newborn baby as the couple failed to pay the hospital bills.

According to local police, a poverty-stricken woman gave birth to a boy at a private hospital in Tulamba in Punjab. The couple was unable to clear the medical bills and the doctor allegedly asked the couple to sell the newborn to settle the bills. 

Despite the couple's refusal, the doctor found a local buyer and forcibly took the baby from the mother. The couple approached the local police and filed a complaint against the doctor. 

The local police acted quickly and arrested the doctor while the hospital administration tried to persuade the couple against taking legal action. 

While many around the world were shocked by this news, doctors in poverty stricken areas of rural Pakistan are known to resort to such extreme measures to recover their bills. Some even operate hand-in-glove with criminal gangs that abduct and sell newborn babies to desperate childless couples. (earlier news - Pakistan Police Arrest Doctors Accused of Abducting, Selling Newborn Babies


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