Indian man forgets condom, seals his private parts with adhesive; dies of multi-organ failure

While attempting to protect your sexual partner against unplanned pregnancy is laudable, applying adhesive to seal one's 'private parts' is stupid. This is exactly what a man in Ahmedabad in the Indian state of Gujarat is alleged to have done with fatal consequences. 

A man in Ahmedabad died of multi-organ failure after using adhesive to seal his private parts during intercourse. 

In a bizarre case, a 25-year-old man in Ahmedabad in Gujarat's is reported to have died after using an epoxy adhesive instead of a condom prior to intercourse.

The deceased, identified as Salman, checked into a hotel with his former fiancée on June 22. He was later found unconscious in shrubs near the hotel and was taken to a hospital where he died.

Source: Times of India

Local police investigators say 25-year-old Salman Mirza used the epoxy adhesive on his genitals due to not having a condom and wanting to avoid impregnating his former fiancée.

The two had reportedly gone to the hotel with another woman. “We checked CCTV footage and found Mirza and his girlfriend entering the hotel. He was found unconscious the next day,” said the officer. He added that using the adhesive worsened Mirza’s health condition and he died of complications including multiple organ failure. 

The local Deputy Commissioner of Police Premsukh Delu was quoted telling Times of India  that Mirza’s family members have alleged that the woman, who accompanied him to the hotel, had applied the adhesive to his private parts. “We are waiting for the report on the deceased’s viscera sample that has been sent for forensic examination,” said Delu.


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