Responding to the question - Is it a good idea for me to leave my Government job?

There was an interesting question from someone asking - Is it a good idea for me to leave my Government job?  He goes on to explain

Guys I am currently working in a Central Government job. My pay scale level is 10 and in-hand salary is 95k. So the point is I hate the work environment at my place. I want to leave this job. But I keep hearing that the job market outside is not great. I am from computer science background and my current work involves software work.

So, here's my response

I was reflecting on the question and the two sides of the coin

  • My dad was an officer in IAF, had a great service and retired with a handsome pension and excellent medical benefits and perks. All in all, a great career and life but he also dealt with bureaucracy - passed over for promotion, tiffs with bosses, frequent transfers etc, but he carried no hard feelings. On the contrary, he was extremely passionate about life in the Services till the end. A brief musing about Dad's life and service - Old soldiers don’t die, they just fade away

  • I almost followed his footsteps, cleared CDS/SSB etc, but life had other plans. I did my masters and got into IT and went globe-trotting for a couple of decades before moving back to India to be around for aging parents. In the process, I made much-much more than my dad ever did. I have dealt with a fair share of bad bosses and toxic work environments

Bottomline: Don't switch JUST because you are 'bored' or 'hate the work environment'... those things will follow you in the corporate world where the work culture may be more cut-throat. in return for 'big' bucks, you will have to be prepared for a life of change, uncertainty and periodic downsizing and layoffs.


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