Book-Giveaway - Giving Away Books worth Rs 500 to deserving students and readers in India

I am planning a book-giveaway for 30 days and I need your help in selecting the most deserving students and readers. This giveaway is intended to encourage children and readers who cannot afford books and textbooks. More details in the Youtube/@Vijay_Book_Reviews

Why the Giveaway: I am a 15-year-old biblophile and have been reviewing books for nearly 2 years. I want to share the joy of reading this summer and I am planning a giveaway using award money won from different competitions.

Entries* open on google form including Terms and Conditions 

*Entries open from 1-30 May 2024

Announcing Winners of the Giveaway

  • Day 1 Winner (May 1st) - Harman, Yamuna Nagar   • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ...  
    • Reason "As I am in Class 12 and I'm preparing for JEE, so, this giveaway will help me to get books which are required to boost my preparation :)"
  • Day 2 winner 🥇Abdul Ahad Laique, Lucknow - 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth of books/day
    • Reason: "I may not deserve the book more than some people who truly need it and can't afford it, as everyone deserves books equally. However, I'd like to present my case. I am an aspiring writer, deeply passionate about storytelling since childhood. Despite facing numerous rejections from magazines and publishers, I've persevered, honing my skills. I believe my journey has equipped me with a unique understanding of books and their authors. Therefore, I feel deserving of winning this giveaway. Nevertheless, I understand if I'm not selected, and I'm grateful to have discovered your wonderful channel through this opportunity."
  • Day 3 Winner 🥇Pooja S, Chennai -    • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ...  
    • Reason: "As a third-year medical student, I understand how expensive medical books can be, and winning this giveaway would greatly alleviate that financial burden on my parents, allowing me to focus more on my studies and future career in medicine."
  • Day 4 Winner 🥇Sanath Kumar C Jois from Mangalore -    • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ...
    • Reason: "I believe I deserve to win this giveaway because education means everything to me. As a dedicated student currently studying in class 12, my goal is to learn and grow as much as possible. Winning this giveaway would recognize my efforts and will provide me with valuable resources to learn new things and be better at aspects of life, it will help me in a very big way as books shape people. Thank you, please consider my request"
  • Day 5 Winner 🥇Mahith P.S from Thiruvananthapuram -    • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ... || Instagram
    • Reason: "I'm a 11th class student and I'm trying my best to prepare myself for JEE Exam but my financial situation is terrible and can't afford a good JEE guide . I really need one ."
  • Day 6 Winner 🥇Rahul from Hojai -    • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ... || Instagram
    • Reason: "Quantitative Aptitude by Dr RS Agarwal. I'm in my final year BSc Physics, I want this cause I want prepare for an entrance test and I really need it. I don't have anything to say much, hope to get a signed one ☺️(I've upcoming entrance exams)"
  • Day 7 Winner 🥇Rural Public Libraries of Karnataka -    • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ... || Instagram
    • Reason: "We run a network of 5900 rural public libraries in Karnataka which are free and open to all."
  • Day 8 Winner 🥇Divyanshi Sachan from Kanpur -    • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ... || Instagram
  • Day 9 Winner 🥇Om Prakash from ODAGAON, Odissa -    • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ... || Instagram
    • Reason: ""Hello, brother. My friend shared your channel with me. I am preparing for the OSSC exam and need a math book specifically for it. Winning the giveaway would greatly aid in my preparation. Thank you so much.""
  • Day 10 Winner 🥇Alok from Alok from Soniavihar, New Delhi -    • 30-day Book Giveaway of Rs 500 worth ... || Instagram
    • Reason: "I am preparing for jee advanced but due to my poor preparation and no question solving I wasted my class 11th. I can't afford any book but searching for giveaway I found your videos on YouTube and was very happy that someone can help me(if you had found me)"


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