Indian IT: Fired for leaving my team's whatsapp group

IT workers in India seem to be on the edge with all the news of layoffs. Believe it or not, here is a recent post in an online forum that generated a lot of discussion and comments

In the most ridiculous and cruel turn of fate, I had a meeting with my manager where I was reprimanded for leaving the "official" whatsapp group which my manager created. I was clicking around the interface and left the group. I did not care much about it at the time. 
Come next day, I was called in and given a lecture about team work. I sucked up and listened. The next week I was called upon again asked to make leave the company or take up PIP. I understood the ploy and resigned on my own.
It is the most farcical thing that happened to me in my career spanning nearly 9 years in the IT industry. Believe it or not, I am amused and a bit apprehensive about the future. I think I took the right decision any way. By the way, I just travelled onsite last month for a knowledge transfer session. I don't know what the joke of a management I worked under. 
This is what I know from my discussion with the manager. He pretty much clearly said that he was upset with me leaving the group and it signalled lack of teamwork. I tried to explain what I thought, but it riled him up even more. I had thought that after the meeting, I'd apologise and ask him to make me join the group again, but shit hit the fan after I left the meeting.
In hindsight, I should have made up with him as soon as I realized I clicked the wrong link. I did not know that he'd be so furious at this. 
I just wanted to let off some steam and share this farcical story.

One can't really get a complete picture from an online post like this. One can't be sure if this is really the reason for the person to be fired or if there is some other motive is hard to fathom.

Bottomline: Indian IT be warned: Make sure you suck-up to your boss. Or else!


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