Several countries ban MDH, Everest masala - what does it mean for NRIs and Indian Diaspora living overseas?

Recent bans in Singapore and Hong Kong target Indian spice brands like MDH Pvt. and Everest Food Products Pvt. due to ethylene oxide contamination. Spice mixes pose health risks, as ethylene oxide is a Group 1 carcinogen. So, what does it mean for NRIs and Indian Diaspora living overseas?

When it comes to savoury dishes, spice mixes play a key role  and brands like MDH and Everest have made it convenient to quickly whip up Indian cuisine. 

After some varieties of MDH and Everest masala were banned from Singapore and Hong Kong due to quality concerns, the Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday sought details from the food safety regulators of the two countries to determine the 'root cause of rejection'. 

The ministry has directed Indian embassies in both Singapore and Hong Kong to send a detailed report on the cause of ban. It has also sought details from MDH and Everest, whose products have been banned.


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